Wall of DEATH… ft. the Ives Brothers

With advanced media access, Mustard Report got a sneak peek (before the show began) INSIDE the Wall of Death arena, what an amazing opportunity. The one thing you will not be able to experience from this story or these photos is the smell of 100 years of motorcycle exhaust, oil and gasoline permeated deep into the wood planks of this rickety old carnival side show structure. The Ives Brothers have saved this old structure and tour it around as a daredevil thrill show – and that it is. They ride their bikes (and even a go-cart) right up to the top rim of the wall, what sight to see. When they’re whipping around the top of the wall, the whole structure is shaking & swaying, and it feels like it’s going to blow apart while you’re standing on the top platform looking down into the bowl. The Mustard Report enjoyed this experience immensely.

The Ives Brothers are a family run team of daredevils from the United States, we believe that they don’t make it to Canada too often, but we certainly hope they come back for more people to experience. If they do come back, you bet Mustard Report will be back to catch this one again!