Remembrance Day Ceremony North York

On November 6th, 2022, the 32nd Service Battalion held a moving ceremony at the epitaph located in the centre of Mount Pleasant Cemetery North York. Members of the 32nd, led by Piper Major Buchanan, marched west up the treed path and circled the monument before lining up in formation to observe a moment of silence. The march was followed up with a reading Flanders Fields, wreaths were then laid at the foot of the monument. When the official ceremony concluded, the Battalion was led once again by the Piper Major Buchanan once again around the epitaph, then east back down the treed path.

The Mount Pleasant Cemetery North York is a little gem tucked in behind the Performing Arts Centre, with it’s main gates located at 160 Beecroft Avenue. There are acres of beautiful & peaceful gardens to explore. If you live in the North York area and are looking for a nice place for an afternoon walk, this would be the place. Be sure to check out the beautiful landscape and various species of trees that adorn the property throughout.